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united in the art of purging with a kawaii flair

Kawaii Purgers
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hello, we like purging and we like it the kawaiiest way possible.
5am park guy, a, allison, ambie, angie, anorexia, aslam a bin ladam, azn, bangbus, beastiality, being damned to hell, being kawaii, bob, boney people, boo, bubble wrap, bulimia, buses, butter, calories, chewing and spitting, chloe, christian singles, church, click2asia, codenames, condoms, corey duffel, crazycooldude, cum, dancing bananas, danni, ddr, discharge, doing the wave, donuts, drew, drinking windex, duffelbags, eating disorders, expired pills, extreme potato counter, fantasizing at church, fatty foods, food, freak dancing, friendster, gerame, gerame wong, gerany, going to hell, grunge, hannah, haterade, hell, iraq, jenna lee, jesus, kawaii, kawaii purging, kaye, kayechan, kristy, lani, lard, lice, lint rollers, lissy's parents, louis, mail fraud, mamz, manda boo, mark, markie boo, necrophilia, nepets.com, obese, overexic, pedohpiles, porch purging, purge partys, purging, reefer, sarah, sarrahboo, sars, seeing people at church, sex, shadow, sippy cups, skateboarding, skeletons, the wave, the wheel of excitement, thinspiration, tiffane, tiffy boo, toilets, trombones, tub girl, viagra, vibrato, windex, wong, wongarexic, wongina